Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever
I came to Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic for help. I needed to lose weight and stop biting my nails. Currently, I have lost 20lbs and only occasionally bite my nails. This has helped me. My coworkers are watching my progress and getting as excited as myself.  I have other areas to work on now for myself and will be back at Atlanta West Hypnotherpay Clinic to get the job done.   -- S. Barnett

Wouldn't it be wonderful to lose all the weight you want

without feeling deprived or using fad diets?

Our Positive Process Weight Loss Program gives you the tools

to lose the weight you want and keep if off by changing

the way you think about eating and food.

Scientists have long known of the connections our mind has with every cell in our body. Therefore, it makes sense that what is going on inside our mind has a tremendous impact on what happens to our body. Our conscious mind is only 1 to 12% of our mind's effort, and deals with our logic, reason and will power. Our subconscious mind utilizes the other 88 to 99%, and handles all of the automatic functions (like our breathing). It associates, identifies, and handles our expectations and imagination.  You have experienced your conscious mind and subconscious mind working against each other many times.

Perhaps there was a time when you decided to lose ten pounds. You said to yourself, "I am not going to eat anymore junk food."  Your conscious mind gave the logical argument that junk food is bad for you.

But your subconscious mind said,

"Go ahead and have some chocolate cake. You deserve it."

What did you do?

You meant it when you determined to make those positive changes. But then, the expectation of how good the chocolate would taste and the association of a familiar situation triggered the subconscious back into action, and you ended up where you started - reaching for the very thing you said you would not eat.


The conscious mind is like 1 to 12 horses

pulling against

the subconscious mind with the power and strength of 88 to 99 horses.

You Can Guess which one usually wins.

Utilizing Hypnotherapy, we put those 88 to 99 horses

to work helping you to believe that

you can succeed in your

weight loss goals.

This is where the Positive Process Weight Loss Program comes in.

We motivate your subconscious mind to identify with the healthier habits and lifestyle that you desire.

If you have struggled in the past with losing weight and keeping it off, chances are that your lack of success is undermining your motivation to try again.

Our Positive Process Weight Loss Program begins with a single one-on-one conditioning sessions. Then, you have the choice of continuing the one-on-one sessions or participating in a small group session which meets weekly. These sessions include lectures, group support, and hypnotherapy. Atlanta West has partnered with Shenelle Ross, Exercise Physiologist, for consultations and exercise program structuring including group exercise activities for the reduced price of $10 per session.(*optional)