Breaking Bad Habits - April 30th

11:00PM - 1:00PM

Time to start breaking bad habits once and for all. We want to help you tear down the patterns of self defeating behaviors that keep you from achieving your goals. Come learn techniques that will help you help yourself and also receive a group hypnosis session.

Only $25.00 per person

(Register and pay by March 31st to bring a guest for Free)



*Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic has been helping Children, Teenagers and Adults to improve their Attitude, Sports Performance, Study Habits, Work Performance, etc. naturally for over 34 years.

RSVP, Space is Limited.


  • Reduce sweets and eat healthier

  • Minimize Stress

  • Become a Non-Smoker

  • Quit Nail Biting

.... Make Overall healthier and beneficial lifestyle choices!

Bonus* Group Hypnosis Session Included

Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic and Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute are proud to offer you  seminars  to enhance your personal growth.